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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Cat Pile

In the spirit of making up for lost time, here are some pictures of our cats. The multi-color tabby is named Beaker. She got that name because she sounds like a certain muppet character of the same name. The white one with the stubby tail is named Buko. Buko is the Tagalog word for coconut. The small, orange tabby is named Lily. She earned this name because we came home from a beach weekend in Boracay to find her in the garden, under the lilies. She was about 3 weeks old at the time, and I still maintain that she won the "kitten lottery" by being abandoned in the garden of Sara "crazy cat woman" Kopp. At first, the big girls didn't like Lily, but they have grown to tolerate her. That is most evident when they all sleep together in what Sara has affectionately termed "the ball of fluff".


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